Case Study

Behind the mountain scenery


Develop an identity, web interface and user experience that which surpassed competitor sites, and furthermore, unique in service and solution


Target and engage varied audience types (visitor and advertiser) through careful delivery and placement of selective, user-friendly and relevant content.


Focus on immediate visuals. Consistent use of color that best represented nature's softer palette. Kept landscape photos indigenous to the advertised mountain regions.

Design Time!

Establish a leading online welcome center offering resourceful data specific to mountain and lake regions throughout the eastern US. Offer sophisticated and dynamic visitor and advertiser tools to ensure a simple and friendly experience.

Finding the perfect balance

Structure the content amid resources to accommodate visitors and in same attract potential advertisers.

This Flash app shortened the advertiser's learning time helping to make a more educated decision about how to spend their advertising dollar.

Roll your mouse over the left menu and click to read more about each Ad type.

Appealing to an offline community

Deliver a fairly large amount of resourceful and factual data in an organized, simple, friendly and most importantly appealing fashion to a primarily offline community.

Tipping the scale towards the user

It's all about the user experience or it's nothing at all. Visitors win the battle in this case study and hence the scales were tipped more than slightly to their advantage.

By offering oodles of juicy mountain scenery, a Blue Ridge Parkcam, a featured "get-away" Cool Spot and many other extras directly on the homepage, the visitor is dazzled before the first click. No matter the destination, there are more than a fair share of links to choose from. One can read more about a specific mountain or lake region, find a job, search for an event, join a discussion, read or write a blog, and oh so much more.

Sounds great, but also a lot like junk mail overload. With so much deserved eye candy, a generous amount of information to display, and the oh so important ads, ads, ads - something somewhere had to give.

Tipping the scales again in the direction of the user ... Sorry advertisers, but no animating allowed.

If we wanted to keep them - why intentionally distract them and potentially lose them? It was a logical solution that rang true like a balanced equation.

Going the extra mile

Sounds like our advertisers got left behind in the dust. But on the contrary they've a nice royal suite of advertising resources only a single click away. Color-coded pricing charts, easy to read cross-referencing, and print- friendly pages are just a few of the minor details that were addressed to ensure simplicity. Finally an educational Flash presentation solves the mystery of the differences between Premium and Standard advertising. Through subtle animation and minimal user interaction, the differences between each quickly become noticeably obvious.

Spending every bit of extra time this site deserved was also key to providing my client (and their clients) the very best deserved for their dollar. Advertisers also see their money well spent in the graphically rich Detail page they are provided. This page is solely dedicated to the advertiser and comes complete with standard company information, a unique URL to their business name, a user-interactive Google map, photo slots and much more.


Partnered with Integrated Web in Richmond VA to develop a sophisticated Internet application that fully supported the needs of the client, visitor and advertiser.

Classy. Smart. Unique.

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