Case Study

Does Peacocking Really Work?


GetNetSmart desired to reach out to audiences interested in a web site that is just as beautiful as it is intelligently structured. It then became a mission to move forward on a global visual makeover that exhibited originality and experience.


Visually redesign the front-end of the entire GetNetSmart web site, graphic visuals and content in effort to shift focus to front-end visual development and heavily demonstrate artistic capabilities.

Better promote website education by offering and a basic level of web and internet resources to interested visitors, new and existing clients.

Design Time!

The use of a peacock throughout the site as a tool of reference, where appropriate. The peacock possesses many unique features guaranteed to capture, quiet and awe. They are a proud and intelligent breed and proved to be the perfect subject for the mission at hand.

A homepage animation was built to support the claim it eventually makes, "Delight in the details we pay extra close attention to." The mission here was to prove the claim prior to making it.

The solution was an animation of the animation itself being developed. This includes a minor representation of a software interface; a quick display of mouse movements and clicks; and the dragging and snapping of certain graphical elements into their resting place in the design.

By now hopefully the visitor is intrigued enough at the uniqueness of this animation type and is most likely curious to see where it's headed. Bingo. Once the graphics are "snapped in" the viewer is invited to relax and "Delight in the Details." The story line continues on to support the claim of paying close attention to those details.


Develop, categorize and deliver the site content in a warm and user-friendly fashion. Use of the proper imagery coupled with catchy and clever tag lines were key in offering an exorbitant amount of information so that it just might get read. The use of a bit of quirky humor helps to both lighten the mood and hopefully ensure a more memorable experience.

Classy. Smart. Unique.

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