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Flash Showcase I

Jody Reed BaseballPlay Flash

Extensive Animation & Video

A cool project complete with streaming instructional videos and this Flash animation that brought Jody into the studio. MLB VHS conversions and studio filming thanks to the help of Tampa Digital Studios.

Leisure LinxPlay Flash

Educational / Interactive

This animation was developed so as to introduce the Leisure Linx Websites in a simple and user-friendly manner. Roll your mouse over each screen shot and click on the site you'd like to learn more about.

Get Net SmartPlay Flash

Extensive Animation

A homepage animation built to support the claim it eventually makes, "Delight in the details we pay extra close attention to." The mission was to prove the claim prior to making it by animating the animation itself.

Crowther RoofingPlay Flash

Extensive Animation

Elaborate homepage animation of roofing workers watching sunrise. Fort Myers city skyline in background.

Hartford South LLCPlay Flash

Resourceful / Interactive

Homepage animation and interactive map of recent roofing projects. Roll your mouse over each pushpin to view details on each project.

Florida HalfbacksPlay Flash

Educational / Interactive

This Flash app shortened the advertiser's learning time helping to make a more educated decision about how to spend their advertising dollar.

Flash Animations ... Trick or Treat?

Before considering Flash for your website, please consider some key Flash advice.

Animations on a web site can be irresistibly inviting and they can also be truly annoying. In surfing the Internet, one can easily find an example of each. A good starting question to ask yourself ... "Can Flash help better serve my web site visitor"?

Whether it’s a visual emphasis on your company’s tag line, or a more complex delivery of company information, an animation should always have purpose and be non-obtrusive. Even a slight animation can enhance user experience. The key is to use it sparingly, wisely and appropriately. Unless the intent is to "show off", keep it simple.

There are a multitude of choices when deciding what to animate. However to keep it simple I've outlined below a few basic categories animations can fall under:

  • Visual intrigue
  • An interactive or educational resource or presentation
  • Rich media experience

Use Flash wisely.

Your search engine results depend on it. Relevant copy and keywords (such as the text on this page) is one of the single most important factors weighed in when search engines return search results. Embedding copy into a Flash document can render embedded copy undetectable from search engine spiders. Full flash sites can be sexy, but if search engine results are important to you, don't miss out on potential results by sticking your web site content in a full Flash environment.

Lastly, introducing animation to your website should be a decision made based upon your web site audience, the message your company is trying to send and also the website’s budget.

Classy. Smart. Unique.

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