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Flash Showcase II

Frey & SonsPlay Flash

Interactive Animation

A non-obtrusive rotation of the company's mission, goals and client testimonials. Roll your mouse over each tagline to see the corresponding caption.

Florida HalfbacksPlay Flash

Resourceful / Interactive

This map was developed for the homepage as to introduce the FHB regions in a very simple and user-friendly manner. Roll your mouse over each region - but clicking will take you directly to that section of the Florida Halfback's website.

Bonita Springs UtilitiesPlay Flash

Educational / Interactive

Save it for Life - It's That Good.
A user-friendly tool complete with animation, interaction & sound effects. Move your cursor to learn about water usage and ways to protect our water resources.

Wintergreen Real EstatePlay Flash

Animation & Video

Animation combined with video for a Virginia real estate company. Click the "Reset Life" button to start animation.

Prawnbroker Restaurant GroupPlay Flash

Interactive Location Map

A simple yet informative map of all Prawnbroker restaurant locations. Roll your mouse over each location to read the restaurant's details.

Funny Undies Play Flash

Animation /Art

A fun animation to promote quick shipping for an online custom "funny underwear" company.

EZ View IDPlay Flash

Animation / Art

A brief presentation for how the EZ View ID works, offered by Hanalex for the common traveler.

Jody Reed Baseball Play Flash


A brief presentation for a series of real audio files recorded by Jody of "tales from the locker room".

Classy. Smart. Unique.

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