Erin Alicia Services

From scratch. Salt and pepper to taste.

Traditional services include exclusive development of HTML, CSS and the Graphical User Interface (GUI). From scratch and according to need.

Some projects require a little more attention. Other services have included, but are not limited to

  • Flash Animation or Animated User Interactivity
  • Logo and/or Print Design, Web Banner Design
  • Enhanced Mapping (Google, Flash, Graphic)
  • Blogs, Forums or other 3rd party integrations

Aside from above, we'll forego details because there's far too many to bore anyone normal. But in truth that's exactly what Erin Alicia does best - details.

More times than not a typical web client does not know what they want their site to look like, say or do. Our job then becomes to ask questions, learn that business and become their customer. That mind set empowers us to better understand what a web site visitor may be looking for once arriving at their homepage, and more importantly how they'd like to feel once they get there. There's 5 seconds to keep and entice them to start clicking.

It's all about mood, demand, wants and needs.

A wise woman once told said "Don't let your wants and needs confuse you." Incredibly fitting for the homepage design challenge. Keep it simple, resourceful and clean and most likely it will keep them coming. Give them what they want and you might get book marked and/or shared. There's a lot of competition out there. Don't risk losing traffic because your site is difficult to navigate or does not offer relevant or helpful information to visitors, or worse, flat broken.

Building a basic framework for a web site can be pretty simple for anyone looking to learn. Making it pretty is also feasible with all the graphic resources available today. You can even buy a gorgeous pre-built template for as low as $30 these days. Wow!

Those types of solutions may be perfectly fitting for somebody, somewhere. Unfortunately, the mismatch is often learned a little too late.

Common ruh-roh's:

  • Templates break as soon as additional content is added with no one available to fix them
  • The company web site looks different on the president's computer than everyone else's
  • Have to scroll to the right to read all the page content
  • Images are distorted or not loading at all

Websites should be more than just pretty. They should be just as smart. Erin Alicia templates are built to be resolution and browser compatible, fast-loading, search-engine friendly, easy to update and virtually un-breakable. The final touches and attention to detail are what make them audience specific, visually engaging and fashionably timeless.

There are multitudes of reasons to outsource building a web site to an experienced professional. One could figure out how to snake the plumbing in their house, but would probably prefer to outsource that and blame someone else if it all goes awry!

Programmers ...

Have a back-end with no front-end? Let us help your code look like a million dollars. We can help save you design time and unnecessary frustrations with trying to make it look pretty and retain browser compatibly.


Classy. Smart. Unique.

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